Through installations, videos, performances, and computer programs, Felix Ramon develop the scenery of a narration that makes sense thanks to logos, textual or spoken.
Some themes come back as jokes, especially video as a memory of the individual and the development of alternative education, he also confront the desires of the individual to that of the collective, through the couple; in short, how to live together?

In 2010, he participated in the development of the artist collective PEZCORP where the team developed various projects between Brussels, Strasbourg, Marseille and Paris. After studying in the High School of Arts of the Rhine (Strasbourg) in 2011, Felix joined the Fresnoy (National Studio of Contemporary Arts Tourcoing) where in 2013, he produce and exhibit the Internet multimedia sculpture is eternal. In recent years, he have conducted workshops in various contexts (Dublin, Brussels, Berlin ...) around the sentimental relationship between the computer and its user. At the moment and in parallel with artistic projects, Felix Ramon organize the Rendez vous synthetic between Paris and Brussels and develop multimedia experiences related to the world of video games.

His recent exhibitions include BlueSky : Factor Suerte at the ARTIUM Museo Centro de Arte in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), Locked-in Locked-out at the IMOCA in Dublin and Salon de la Jeune Création at the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery .